Héctor Silva is a Design/Art Director with over 10 years of experience in branding, news, digital media and building in-house design teams. His work ranges from small and large brands, film festivals, major telecommunication companies to leading social media start-ups. He has a distinct passion for creating meaningful connections with brands, not only for consumer, but also for the people behind the brands through thoughtful and smart design.

Has worked with:
Riot Games
NowThis News
Tribeca Film Institute and  Festival
Bronx Documentary Center
Mandela Foundation

El Comal LLC
The Pencil Factory
61 Greenpoint Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11222

NowThis creates news content for the social, mobile generation by informing its audience abou what's happening and important in the world right now. NowThis is the #1 video news brand on social. With 2.5 billion monthly views NowThis needed to consolidate all their content in one cohesive GFX package that built on the iconic brand and solved issues involved with online content generation and production.
One of the big challenges was to make sure these toolkits were future proof structurally. They needed be built cleanly and be multi-use and multi-platform, with After Effects-to-Premiere integration, that could be easily passed to editors and producers. Ultimately we built custom scripts and innovative tools that leveraged the Adobe "Essential Graphics" system, and could be completely handled and updated within Premiere interface. This gave complete control to editors , eliminating the need for After Effects artists to update and modify graphics.

Aaron Fernandez - Animation and Code
Linda Shirar - Animation and Code
Chris Carfolite - Senior Digital Designer
Hector Silva - Art Director 

Identity for The Bronx Documentary Center (BDC) a non-profit gallery and educational space. Our mission is to share photography, film and new media with underserved Bronx communities and the cultural community at large. We use these mediums to foster dialogue around contemporary local, national and global issues

Designer/Art Direction

An ongoing project to create a series of posters that speaks
to the experiences I had while growing up in the Mexico-US border.